Why everyone is moving to Portugal

Portugal offers a fantastic way of everyday life, and the days when only retirees moved to Portugal are long gone.

Today Portugal attracts foreigners and expats from all over the word, and they all come for the same things.

A relaxed everyday life in one of the safest countries in the world offering great opportunities for young people, families,retirees, digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs looking for new business ventures.

Statistics from 2022 show that more than 6% of those who call Portugal home are foreigners. In the region of the Algarve, the number is 15%.

People from all over the world are calling Portugal home these days and among the biggest groups we find people from Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Belgium, China and even neighbouring Spain.

Portugal offers some of Europes most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, glorious weather with more than 300 days of sunshine every year, exciting culture, world renowned cuisine and friendly locals.

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Despite offering all this and being in high demand all over the globe, Portugal still offers low cost of living.

If you're thinking of retiring or moving abroad from the UK, America or any other country, you need to consider moving to Portugal and maybe especially the region of the Algarve with the best beaches and seafood in the world.

At GoGet we are passionate about Portugal, and especially the Algarve region.

Created and run by expats we are here to help you make the move to paradise anyway we can. Our service directory allows you to search for local business and services in 8 different languages, making the move just a little bit easier.

We also have guides for moving to Portugal from different countries, starting with the USA.

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Guides for moving to Portugal from the UK, Scandinavian, Germany, Canada and others are coming, so please bare with us.