Who is GoGet? 

GoGet is owned by GG Premier Marketing LDA, a energetic media company based in the Algarve. 

GG Premier is run by an experienced, multilingual team of marketing professionals with over 30 years experience in online marketing in the European markets. 

GG Premier marketing's portfolio of online platforms is ever expanding with channels such as GoGet.pt, Yellow-pages.pt, YourBuilder.pt, and restaurantguidealgarve.com among others. 

GG Premier Marketing has one goal, to help local Portuguese business owners grow their business by targeting the expat community via taking advantage of the possibilities online marketing and social media offers. 

Just months after launching our social media network have well over 30.000 followers!

GG Premier Marketing offers: 

  • Multilingual marketing 
  • Several online platforms/websites 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Professional videos 
  • Reels for Facebook and Instagram 
  • Drone video 
  • Social media content  
  • Personal account manager 

Our goal is simple. Help local businesses reach the ever growing expat market in a simple, easy and most of all cost effective way.

Want to know more? Contact us today. We speak English, Portuguese, Norwegian and Swedish. goget@goget.pt


What is the cost of GoGet? 
For more information about our partner package and what we can do for your company, please contact us and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss which option is best for your company.

How quickly can I get my business on GoGet? 
Once we have clarified what partner packages best suits your business, we will have your presentation online in as little as 48 hours. 

Is GoGet right for me and my company?
if you are looking to grow your business, you need to reach the expat market and GoGet will help you do just that! 

Are you a savvy business owner always looking for the best deals? GoGet will give you just that. Our partner packages include all you need to grow your business and our experts are always here to help. 

Our social media experts will insure you 24/7 marketing focusing on the expats. We speak English, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese and can easily communicate with the expat community be it on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. 

How do reviews work?
Reviews are a great way to attract new clients, but they are also a great way to lose clients due to bad reviews that often turn out to be false! At GoGet we have solved this by only allowing users to recommend you or not. 

In other words, a user/client may recommend your business, but may not leave a written review and can therefore not hurt your business. 

Currently I have too much work – why should I join GoGet? 
With GoGet you are in control and you set the limits for what aera you are looking for work and what work you are looking for. 

For example: If you are only looking for local clients, GoGet will make sure to only market your business in that area. You can also controll your own keywords to attract only surtin business.

Thousands of expats move to Portugal every year, and even more are buying second homes/Holiday homes in the country. Can you afford to overlook this market? 

Want to know more? Contact us today. We speak English, Portuguese, Norwegian and Swedish.