Comur - Conserveira de Portugal

8 R. Dom Francisco Gomes - 8000-156 Faro
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About Comur

Founded in 1942 at Murtosa, Aveiro, Comur is one of the biggest flagships of the Portuguese canning industry today.

Initially, the company was dedicated to the world export of eels, a product typical of the area around Aveiro Lagoon, but which the local markets could only sell fresh.

Today, Comur produces around thirty varieties of canned goods, painstakingly prepared by the experienced, wise hands of over a hundred women who transform the flavours of the sea into delicacies using handmade production methods.

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Caned food • Souvenirs • Portuguese history

The Portuguese passion for the sea has always been a symbol and marque of the people. This passion also gave rise to the company Comur as part of an epic tale where ancient knowledge and flavours witness the reuniting of the sea with its heroes.

The uniqueness of the Portuguese sea merges with knowledge acquired over decades, sealing each can made by Comur with soul.

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