TechSalt SA

80 R. dos, R. Combatentes da Grande Guerra - 8100-616 Loule
Man-fre: 09:30-11:00 and 14:30-16:00 Lør+søn: Closed
+351 925 969 369

Om oss:

At 230 m depth, under the city of Loulé, you can tour the 230 million years old geological formations, and learn the history of the rock salt mine.

1,3 Km guided tour on foot will allow you to see the the evolution of the rock salt mining processes over the last 70 years.


Rock salt mine • Guided Tour • 230 million years old

TechSalt’s mission is to explore and commercialize the rock salt mineral resource at the Campina de Cima Mine. We pretend to reuse the mining space in an innovative way, contribuiting to the dissemination and promotion of Earth Sciences, Mining Industry and Art.