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Indie Campers shifts the hassle of planning a road trip towards an easy, personalized experience through digital innovation and the dedicated support of our customer care team.

We offer the latest RVs in destinations across Europe and provide local travel advice, highlighting special places for an unforgettable road trip.

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Camper hire • Camper sales • RV rental • Private camper rental

Indie Campers is your go-to marketplace for road trips. Aggregating over 2.000 own vehicles plus the campervans, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles of countless individual and professional hosts, we operate across 14 European countries

- Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Croatia and Iceland - and are physically present in over 40 cities.

Founded in 2013 by 2 good friends, Indie Campers has set its mission on democratizing road trips by enhancing travel experiences and lowering prices for millions of travelers worldwide.

We envision becoming the world's no. 1 road trip provider and are quickly expanding - vertically and geographically - to make it happen on a daily basis.

With over 500.000 nights rented through our travel platform, we have welcomed more than 100.000 travelers from 130+ different countries.

We offer a wide and currently expanding array of road trip possibilities, from short-term RV rentals, long-term campervan subscriptions to vehicles for sale and many more to come.

Rooted in a deep technological focus, our challenges are both exciting and demanding, and require top talent and motivation to be successfully pursued. We are growing our team and looking for those interested in pursuing this dream with us and hopping on an ever-developing journey.

Let us get you on the road!
+351 308 809 080