Antiaging Clinic

Praia da Marina de Portimão - 8500-345 Portimao
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Om oss:

Antiaging Clinic is a clinic that combines several medical specialties with unconventional therapies, as well as wellness treatments and personalized follow-up, in order to respond to the needs of each individual.

Located in the Marina of Portimão, next to Praia da Rocha and with the River Arade as a backdrop, it is divided into 2 floors that include medical offices, clinical and genetic analysis office, massage rooms, indoor and outdoor areas dedicated to group or individual activities, as well as a personalized training area.

The clinical staff is composed of multilingual doctors and specialists, who, supported by the latest technologies, seek to solve health problems, anticipate possible diseases and imbalances, promoting quality of life.

Vi tilbyr:

General and Family Medicine • Plastic surgery • Wellness • Therapy

Respiratory Allergology - Clinical and Genetic Analysis - Hair Surgery - Plastic Surgery - Vascular Surgery - General Medicine - Dermatology - Gastroenterology - Gynecology - Obstetrics - Aesthetic Medicine - Integrative Medicine - Anti-Aging Medicine - Clinical- Family and Couple Therapy

Our wellness services include:

Acupuncture - Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Hypnotherapy and Meditation - Homeopathy - Intravenous Infusions Detox and Regenerate . Relaxation and Therapeutic Massages - Traditional Chinese Medicine - Naturopathy - Osteopathy - Ozone Oxygen Therapy - Chiropractic - Personal Trainer - Yoga - Pilates

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