LiR - Galeria de Arte

Edificio Adega de Lagoa, EN 125 - 8400-395 Lagoa
Lun-Ven: 10:00-17:00 Sab: 10:00-17:00 Dom: Closed
+351 282 356 131

Chi siamo:

LiR - Galeria de Arte is a fascinating art gallery. Housed in a working co-op winery, the space is large with an industrial, urban vibe more common to big cities than small towns in the Algarve.

The gallery showcases a range of both local, national and international artists.

As an events venue, LiR is quite different. The artwork mixed with the industrial surroundings of the co-op, which has a long tradition in the region, together create a very distinct ambiance, as unique as the art itself.

The space itself is very large and there is a stage and seating area for live and streamed performances and presentations.

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Located in the Adega de Lagoa winery, which still produces local wines from several Algarve vineyards, LiR is not only an interesting gallery, it is also a superb events venue.

The gallery’s exhibition centre is perched above the bottling and processing part of the co-op, its runways and corridors giving a view of the action below, making for a very unique ambiance.

There is a mix of sculptures, paintings and ceramics in spacious displays and excellent lighting . Against the dark, industrial background, the art seems to float in space and a visit to the gallery is like stepping into a cocoon of visual delight.

There is seating scattered around the gallery, conducive to relaxation and contemplation. Regular visits to the gallery are a good idea – there are always new pieces and installations to enjoy.