Loule is a traditional market town located just a short drive from Faro.

With town center set in the tranquil hills of the Algarve, Loule has a small town center that avoids much of the hustle and bustle of the Algarve tourist scene, even in the summer months. 

That is except for saturday mornings when the traditional fish market merges with a local farmers market. A must see for all foodies.

The main high street in Loule is Praça da República, that offers a great variety of coffee shops and local boutiques. 

If your a fan of coffee Café Calcinha, that dates back to 1929 and is the oldest coffee shop in Loulé, is a must visit. The vounderfull cafe is modelled on a Brazilian coffee shop of the same era.

Like many other towns and regions in Portugal, Loulé also has its very own pastry. Folhado de Loulé, is a delicious combination of flakey pastry and a sweet but light egg custard.

And no, it's nothing like the world famous Pastel de nata. It’s quite different and a deliciously light and crispy alternative.

 Perfect for an afternoon snack with a coffee, or a even a light lunch on the go, Folhado de Loulé is reason enough to visit this beutifull town.

Portugals oldest carnival

Loule is also home to the oldest carnival of Portugal. The massive street party has been held every year for more than 100 years.

The centre of Loulé is complete shut off for the carnival. Basically, it is one huge street party. Whether you come to dance or just to watch and enjoy, this carnival is sure to put a smile on your face.