Tasca Jota Lagos

8 Rua Salgueiro Maia - 8600-561 Lagos
Lun-Vie: 12:30-22:00 Sab+Dom: 12:30-22:00 Cerrada: 16:00-18:00
+351 282 033 127
+351 935 705 129

Sobre nosotros:

Here, the superb Portuguese cuisine reinvents itself. Puts on new clothing, a bright red lipstick and takes the stage.

The win cellar tries to outshine her light, but they soon realize that, on this stage, there is enough room for both. And so, the play begins.

Podemos ayudar con:

Relaxed atmosphere • Tapas • Steaks • Codfish and much more

We are art, perseverance and dedication. We are technique, we are idea, creativity. Inspiring on “yesterdays”, we create the “todays” that can only get even better tomorrow.

We are ready, we are a strength that does not exhaust, we are dream and will. And all this we are for You.