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Bespoke Carpentry and Eco Building in the Algarve

Looking for a trade carpenter for your bespoke furniture or wooden structure for your garden?

During my 15 years of woodwork I gained experience in different areas such as store and house interiors, marine carpentry, exhibitions stands all over the world, and of course... handcrafted wooden bicycles!!

Having experience in these areas enables me to combine industrial speed and skilled handcraft.

We offer:

Carpentry • Eco homes • Wooden bicycles

I share a fully equipped carpentry workshop in Mexilhoeira da Carregação (Lagoa/Algarve) with Kennedy Fine Carpentry, which allows us to work on projects of any dimension from the planing fase to the final completion on site.

As a passionate carpenter I love to use the most stunning woods and combine them with modern materials creating nice contrasts and making sure that the right material is used for the right situation.

If you find it difficult to visualize your new garden pergola, office interior or living room wall, a computer generated 3D sketch can be done in order to help finalizing the design and choosing the right material from the beginning.

When choosing a eco home, you dont need to give up modernity or special design features. For our ecological insulated wall pannels we use a combination of timber, straw bales, cork and soft fiber boards to create a sustainable and comfortable home in any kind of architecture you can imagine.

With a timber frame structural base, we use straw bales as wall insulation. These walls are then plastered with natural materials such as lime and clay renders. To finish the walls, we apply breathable paints or mix the render with pigments to get the desired color and structure.

Wooden Bicycles... for many persons this sounds like a bad idea. So, why use wood?

The answer is quite clear when you see the images above.
Shaping the lively structure of wood allows us to create a hollow frame with a flowing design much like in the yachting industry.

By playing with different kinds of wood we can offer every customer a bicycle which does not only suit his size, riding style and terrain, but also his character.
By matching the bicycle’s character with its owner’s, we achieve not only a product but an item of personal value.

I would like to hear about your personal project

+351 933 959 550