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About us:

Kozii pursues a balance between the use of ancient, slow and delicate art forms with modern contemporary needs.

Born in 2015 and based in Tavira, Southern Portugal, the true origin of Kozii is the journey.

Seeking inspiration from ancient printing and weaving techniques from across the globe, Kozii presents clothing and other home textiles with its very own exclusive designs and fabric compositions.

A slow brand for those longing for aesthetics, honesty and sustainability in a clothing brand. Forever embracing the idea of fashion as a timeless journey.

We offer:

Women's clothes shop • Design and fashion • Home décor

“We are tireless travelers, both out of love and vocation and decided to take years of experience in various parts of the world to build a brand of clothing and accessories that reflects not only an aesthetic but also what we believe in: a fairer world, sustainable and – yes, again – human.

Coherently to its very roots, Kozii’s exclusively designed hand-printed fabrics integrate contemporary fashion with sustainability, promoting the continuity of long-established textile skills and upholding the highest ethical and environmental standards in every step of its production process.

It is worth knowing Kozii and realize that there is the possibility of uniting beauty, functionality and difference.

In the whole, to realize that what matters and what moves Kozii is this permanent return. To us. To the human being. To our timeless journeys.

Forever embracing timeless sustainable fashion

+351 281 023 735