Casas do Sotavento

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About us:

The Casas do Sotavento real estate company was founded in 2000 with the aim of being the leading real estate agency in the eastern Algarve.

We stand out for our commitment to technological development, being present in around 220 national and foreign portals and personal pages. '

We provide a personalized accompaniment and create solutions tailored to each client.

We can help you:

Buy your dream property • Sell your property • Property evolution

We manage more than 2,000 properties from individuals, companies, banking and partnerships. All of our professionals guarantee strict management of mediation contracts and purchase and sale processes.

Finally, we provide consultancy to all our clients, we also use modern and computerized means for business management.

Not only to offer a property, but also a reliable service that promotes the client's well-being.

We treat the customer as we would like to be treated.

Provide a confident and familiar customer experience.

At Casas do Sotavento we put ourselves in the shoes of the client or buyer and treat him as we would like to be treated, through family and safe care.

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