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About us:

Algarve Solar Pool Heating offers a range of solar pool heating solutions.

All of our solar pool heating solutions will massively extend your swimming season, will increase your property value and rentability, have a once off installation cost, no moving parts, no chance of blockages, zero to minimal maintenance, and are all completely silent.

With more than 300 days of sunshine & around 3 200 hours of sunlight per year the Algarve is ideal for solar pool heating. Enjoy your swimming pool more, using free energy from the sun.

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We offer:

Solar Pool Heating • Custom Pool Covers • Free Advice

We offer a range of solar swimming pool heating options depending on your situation, requirements, and of course budget.

All of our solar pool heating solutions have a once off installation cost, no moving parts, no chance of blockages, zero to minimal maintenance, and are all completely silent.

A few days of good sunshine is all it takes to warm up your swimming pool, and the heat retention blanket (optional) prevents the heat loss and evaporation.

Our most simple and cost effective solution circulates your swimming pool water directly through solar panels and back to your pool a degree or so warmer each time.

Our indirect solution circulates and heats Thesol, which transfers the heat to your pool water via an inline heat exchanger.

Our Hybrid solution provides two energies from one panel. Photovoltaic on the front and thermal on the back. At the same time your pool is warming up, you pool water is also keeping your solar panels cool, resulting in better performance in photovoltaic power generation.

We can even extract the thermal energy from paving around your pool, and use this to heat your swimming pool water directly, or as a heat source for another heat exchanger.

Another option is Paving Integrated Photovoltaic (PIPV). Driveways, pathways, decking and more can be converted to power generating surfaces.

Panels can be installed on most roofs, on an optimally angled custom frame, or on a structure that can serve a double purpose for example a pergola, an entertainment area or carport.

When it comes to heat retention blankets and pool covers, we custom manufacture to the precise measurements of your swimming pool.

As a standard, all of our heat retention blankets come with reinforced edges, rounded corners, welded folds, floating sheaths, grommets, bungee handles and roll up station attachment points, as required, depending on the shape and size of your swimming pool.

For odd shaped / kidney shaped pools we cut a template on site to ensure a perfect fit. A good quality pool cover not only reduces evaporation and heat loss, but also results in reduced chemical consumption.

Speak to us early on in your project if you are building a new or renovating an old swimming pool. There are a number of things you can do that may make a big difference.

We offer free advice & consultations.