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Über uns:

Paddle Fun is a small family business based in Lagos in the Algarve, which was born from a passion for the sea and several years of experience in maritime or tourist activities.

Our goal is to offer a personalized, quality and friendly service. Going to meet the customer, delivering and collecting the SUP board wherever it is most convenient, in a simple and fast process.

We help you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, discovering the wonderful coast of Lagos.

Wir können helfen mit:

A unique and unforgettable experience • Boards hold up to 140 kg • Life jacket included

We bring the paddle board to you!
Stand Up Paddle is an activity accessible to everyone and a different way of being in contact with nature.

Discover the natural beauty of the famous caves, rock formations and secret beaches on the coast of Lagos, Algarve, in southern Portugal.

It’s a unique experience and it can be much more fun to paddle standing up, on top of a board. When renting a SUP, you have the freedom to choose the way you want to live this adventure.

You can enter the caves, rest on a deserted beach, swim in crystal clear waters or be dazzled by the beauty of the cliffs, whether with your family, with a group of friends or alone.

We bring the paddle board to you!
351 967 189 391