Castro Marim

Castro Marim is a beautiful village in the eastern Algarve, near the Guadiana river, which separates Portugal from Spain. 

The historic town has relatively few tourists, but is very much worth visiting. There is a lot to see and the Castle of Castro Marim, is a must see. 

Aiming to recreate the spirit of old, Castro Marim hosts its annual August Medieval Days fair inside the castle walls.

For four days, the town comes alive with jousting, fire-eaters, archery, minstrels and sumptuous outdoor banquets – an ideal time to appreciate Castro Marim’s varied gastronomy, a delicious combination of the municipality’s sea and mountain flavours.

The town is small, but packed full of historical attractions like the Castelo de Castro Marim, Forte de São Sebastião, and the Igreja Matriz Castro Marim.

Nearby, the natural reserve (Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António Marsh Natural Reserve) is a popular place for walking, cycling, and bird watching.