Cada de Mondo Cerro e Alcaria - 8100-078 Boliqueime
Mon-Fri: 24/7 Sat+Sun: 24/7
+44 7903 525 941 +351 910 77 936

About us:

Casa De Mondo is a rustic house set in the valley of Boliqueime in the beautiful Algarve a quiet Portuguese village away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Interactive getaway with

Authentic Portuguese cooking experience • Painting • Creative writing • Singing • Horsebackriding

Once upon a time there was an English girl who travelled to San Francisco where she fell in love with an American boy. They decided to walk through their journey of love together.

From a warehouse downtown covered with art sculptures that Mondo had created, they decided to move to London where they grew as a family and then sold some more sculptures and worked hard towards their dream.

The dream continued and finally they found the perfect spot to help the World be creative with them.

So we are now inviting you to join us at Casa De Mondo, (The House of the World) where together we can paint, write, sing , cook, ride horses and dance in the rain at any festival we choose to celebrate.

We believe that the World has gone a little crazy and we want to create a place for likeminded souls to come and celebrate life, love and art.

We offer cooking, painting, creative writing, singing, riding and culture holidays beyond the ordinary, through which you can enter the heart and soul of Casa De Mondo.